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Allergies / Eye Inflammation got you down? Grab one of these all-natural, reusable rice packs from your freezer and place over your closed eyes for 15 minutes while lying comfortably on your back. The cold pack will help decrease inflammation and help soothe some of your allergy symptoms. These cold packs also work great for other symptoms, too.

  • When placed on the forehead, can decrease sensitive of the trigeminal nerve that can become irritated with migraine headaches
  • Can also be used to relieve hot flashes associated with symptoms of menopause
  • Ease inflammation and swelling caused by osteoarthritis
  • Help soothe the discomfort of a fever

Better than most ice packs because these don’t leak and don’t sweat – so there’s no moisture to leave your clothes or furniture wet and no risk of mildew. Just store them in the freezer between uses and they’re ready to use again when you need them. Be sure to check out the other sizes we have available: eye pack, large joint pack, lumbar spine pack, wrist wrap, and boo boo pack.

*Disclaimer: Although these rice packs are made and recommended for use for minor aches and pains by a Licensed Physical Therapist, this advice should not replace the advice of your own healthcare provider. If you are injured or are experiencing new, previously undiagnosed symptoms of illness, you should seek care from your own medical practitioner.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 3.5 in

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